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LED and UV

The differences between LED and UV lamps.

LED (light emitting diode) technology is relatively new to the nail industry as a way to cure gels.  It’s raising a lot of questions with nail technicians, mainly “Can the gels I currently use be cured in an LED lamp?”

Here is something to consider. All light is categorized by its different band of wavelengths.  UV and LED function on completely different bands of wavelengths; UV on a broader band spanning from 315 nm to 400 nm and LED on a narrower band of 400 nm to 410 nm.

Visible Light Scale

Photo-initiators (used to cure gel nail products) are most effective at a specific bandwidth. Because of the different band of wavelengths, the same chemistry that photo-cures in UV may not work with LED.  Different photo-initiators may be needed in a gel to cure in a UV lamp versus an LED lamp.

If you have a gel that you are currently curing in a UV lamp, it does not mean it will cure in an LED lamp.  Contact your manufacturer to find out if LED will work with your light-cured products.

Here are a few other differences between UV and LED.

LED and UV lamp differences


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